ITR Capital Gain Or PGBM

Nisha Kathuria (Accountant) (409 Points)

23 February 2024  
Dear Sir,

I have invested some amount in shares market and purchased some shares via delivery. Trading is not my earning. Main income Source from Salary. In My demat account profit and loss statement approximately have 50 Transcation. out of 50 Transcation 1 tramscation reflect intraday Loss of Rs
132/- so I am not wrong intraday tramscation we cannot not show in Capital gain it's show under income from business and professional speculate income correct?

(2) Can we show rest 49 Transcation plus minus, value under Capital gain or need to show all under Income from business and profession speculate income.

(3) I am eligible For ITR3 because business income we can't show in ITR2

(4) Total profit From shares Rs. 2190/-
invested amount Rs. 22000/-

please suggest Sir,